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H A Truett

This is a pretty good product. It was simple to add the battery and activate the tool. It fits well in my hand and resulted in no cuts or knicks. I even put my finger right on the tip and had no issues. It works best on the forehead and the bridge of my nose area, right between my eyebrows. Softer skin around my eyelids requires more finesse.



Less painful than tweezers

I love this little device. It is so much more civilized than tweezers, and so much more comfortable. Just rub the pencil eraser sized tip over your brow, and stray hairs disappear. It works great on pesky chin hairs, too. There is no pain, just a little buzz from the motor. I do not think I can throw my tweezers away, though. I am not coordinated enough to do fine shaping with an electric device. I would be afraid of slipping and removing some essential part of my eyebrow. So, for fine shaping, it is still tweezers, but for the larger areas, this is the tool for me. It requires one AAA battery--mysteriously not included despite there being a space for one. One does receive a small brush for easily cleaning the device after each use. A great little tool.

Love this for stray hairs

I haven't plucked my eye brows in ages mostly because I'm encouraging them to grow! But this device is great for any stray hairs you're got, eyebrows or otherwise. I don't love that it needs an AAA battery yet one is not provided. I have way too many battery operated items in my home and not enough batteries, so it took a good week before I could use this!

Cleans up brow

I used this to clean around my eyebrows and I must say I’m pretty pleased with the results. You do have to go over the area a few times (maybe if your eyebrows were bushy like mines). I did have to tweeze some of the hairs the hair remover couldn’t get. Also the battery in my order was missing.

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