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Big Boy
Feature rich, affordable, reusable, easy connection.

Many advanced features compared to branded counterpart.
1. Basic locate and found function works very well.
Connecting these devices was very easy for me.. I downloaded the ctracking app and they all are connected very easily with one button press.
2. They all have replaceable battery which is quite easily found in the market. So we never have to change or transfer the fobs.
3. The radar function and GPS function work quite well which was a tough ask in my previous branded fobs.
4. I could even take pictures with remote shutter record audio, video etc with the help of the fob as it can act as a remote shutter.
5. I could tag my car, keys, bags, pet etc and track them down when lost or misplaced.
6. Very very affordable.
Much cheaper than my current fobs and such efficient. Feature rich.

Highly recommended

The product was received soon and the packing was very delicate. I've started using this! I often misplace my keys, so I always spend important time in my room. Now, the keys start to show where they're hiding. I highly recommend this to people who often misplace their keys. It's worth buying!

This is the best invention ever

This is the best invention ever. Whenever I can't find the key, I open the program and find my key in a few seconds. I am one of those people walking back and forth in the house, trying to remember what I have forgotten and where I put it. I don't have to worry about my keys or phone anymore. It has saved me many times, because I don't need to look around for a quiet cell phone or a key in the jacket pocket. Unfortunately, this makes it easy for me to continue to be irresponsible and forgetful. But at least I won't go crazy looking for it!

Super key finder, great customer service!

These are very easy to use and quite effective. It helps me keep track of my keys (thank goodness!). It also helps me to know that my granddaughter is where she is supposed to be when she uses my car, lol.
I had a small shipping problem at first but the company took care of it immediately. I really appreciate their customer service.

The Williams
No more lost remote

I bought this because my kids keep miss placing our firestick remote. After losing one for good I decided to make sure the new one wouldn’t get lost. Here are a few reasons I liked this:
1- it tells me where the remote is through the app. Not super accurate but helps you get close enough to it.
2- it beeps so that when you are looking for it you can find it easily.
3- easy to set it up.
4- keeps us from loosing another remote.
5- price was great. It came with 7 of them so I placed one on each set of car keys and all the remotes in the house.
6- super easy and intuitive to use.
Definitely recommend it.
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