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4G LTE Portable Pocket WIFI (Suitable For Europe & Asia)

4G LTE Portable Pocket WIFI (Suitable For Europe & Asia)

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WiFi Connection has been an Integral Part Of Most Modern Human Lives In This Day And Age!

For an entrepreneur, a professional, a digital nomad, a housewife and even for children, having a WIFI is almost necessary. Nowadays, it is almost like having electricity.

Have you ever had bad service from your internet provider and you just freak out and flood their hotline with complaints?

Part of the reason is that you don’t get what you pay for. But one big part is you sometimes can’t function without having an internet connection.

We need internet connection not only when we are at home, school, or at the office...but in most cases  When We Are Mobile.

4G LTE  Portable Pocket  WIFI (Suitable For Europe & Asia) - Balma Home

This is the main reason that everyone on this planet should own this...

4G LTE Portable Pocket WIFI  to Enjoy 4G/LTE Connection Anytime, Anywhere.

Simply plug in the operators’ SIM card and it can search and connect to achieve high-speed 3G/4G broadband access automatically. The product also provides WIFI hotspots, which users can connect mobile phone and computer to access to the internet.

Main Features:                                              

  • Qualcomm chipset supporting global network TDD-LTE/ FDD-LTE/ UMTS
  •  LTE CAT4 up to 150Mbps
  • Up to 10 Wi-Fi accesses at the same time.
  • Low power consumption, battery last long 5~8 hours.
  • Supports SD card (up to 32GB) and Wi-Fi file sharing
  • 3 three-color LED indicators, working status displayed clearly
  • Stylish and portable

Package Includes:

1 x pocket WiFi ( SIM not included)

1 x 2100mAH rechargeable battery


Why Buy This Product? The Benefits:

  • It's Cheaper.  Ever received your phone bill and was shocked by the excessive rates? That’s what usually happens if you use too much data on your phone. Some providers have hidden charges and put a limit on to how much data you can use in a month. And sometimes, it can’t really be helped but to exceed it. You don’t even notice it most of the time! And have you thought about the money you spent while working in coffee shops where you have to pay an additional fee for their wifi? Hmm. I still do.Getting a portable wifi router can be A LOT cheaper especially if you consider your excessive mobile monthly bill and other unnecessary expenses.
  • It’s Safer.  Did you know that public wifi is vulnerable to hacking? Fake wifi connections are all over too! We all love connecting to public wifi because it’s free, and hackers love it more than anyone else. These people can steal your identity by getting access to your email, log in details to your social media accounts and bank account details. They can steal valuable information from you and get your identity. 
  • It’s More Convenient.  Having wifi anywhere all the time sounds really good. And having them just inside your bag and in your pocket is so much better! With a portable wifi router, you can get access to your emails, social media accounts and anything on the web while you’re in the car, on the train, basically anywhere, all the time. And yes, you can use a router this product even in a foreign country! (100+ countries, to be exact). Now, we don’t have to ask hotels and restaurants for their wifi passwords and sulk or move to another place if there’s none. We have it on our hands 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and now we’re stress-free!
  •  It Wouldn’t Suck Up Your Battery Life.  In emergency situations, your mobile phone can be your life line. And emergency situations happen the moment you least expect it. So never ever get your battery drained. 3G, 4G, LTE, and hotspot sucks up your battery like instantaneously! This will never happen with a portable wifi router.
  • It’s Perfect For People On-The-Go. Work can’t be disrupted when you’re in the middle of a meeting or an important Skype call. Those who work for online jobs can definitely attest to this. Some people work as a Virtual Assistant, Online Teacher, Graphic Designer, etc. Most of them are paid by the hour, and their progress and salary can be tracked with the time they spend online while they are actually working for the client. Sadly, power outages are common in Asia and Africa, and until they put the power back on, they couldn’t get any work done. 
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4G LTE Portable Pocket WIFI (Suitable For Europe & Asia)
4G LTE Portable Pocket WIFI (Suitable For Europe & Asia)
Model Speed: MF-901-100Mbps (ASIA)
€143,95 €71,95  (50% Sparen)

Customer Reviews

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John Chisom

Works Great!

Abdulla A.
Very good


Max Godfroy
In time




worked very good, the battery never charge to full 100% max ...

Used this in Mexico while on vacation, worked very good!