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Gabi's Choice
Improvement from the first time

I was actually impressed with this gadget. I did not expect to see results on the first use, but I did see some difference. A friend of mine, who is Physiotherapist recommended and I decided to give a try. Here are some highlights

- Well designed packaging (great as a gift)
- Device manual in several languages and with illustration
- Well built
- Seems to have high-quality material
- LED function - scientifically proven to improve skin texture
- RF device does cause slight heating of the skin - expected
- it is relaxing to use
- 3 levels of intensity
- Ultrasound function to help with skin cellulitis

Do follow the instructions, you must use it with a gel and respect the machine time.
Enjoy! I'll come back for more updates as soon I can see more improvements but I did notice my skin is smoother right after doing it.

Ri Ma
Big reccomandations 👍 👍

I get my ultrasonic slimming machine a week ago and I using it every day, 2 time in day and I can see a results already its very easy to use, you can choose Any level from 3 and its not painful. I really like my new product I will keep using this for better results. Big reccomandations 👍

The opinionated one
Subtle compact weight loss help

My wife has been getting fit recently and had lots of success however she wanted something that would give her that extra push during her fitness / weight loss process that would push it over the edge.

This u it is nice and compact meaning it dowlesnt need any additional space and just sits in a cupboard in the bathroom and pulled out daily for normal use.

It's not a painful process and actually ends up being quite relaxing, if you do it whilst sat in front of the TV you actually completely forget about it.


I bought this excellent device to break down some unwanted fat I have been trying to get rid off in my stomach area for some time. The device is really easy to use with four modes including ultrasound cavitation and radio frequency for destruction of fat molecules, toning, firming and increasing blood circulation. It also has EMS for body shaping and red photon to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The device vibrates at 80,000 times a second and it works great on stubborn areas that refuse to go no matter how much you diet and exercise. Since using this device on my arms and stomach area they do appear to be a lot more toned than they were previously.

The ultrasonic device is very light and comfortable to use and it does not hurt at all. It comes nicely packaged and it represents excellent value for a device that can tone up multiple areas of your body. I fully recommend this product.

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So easy to use

This is brilliant, So easy to use and for anyone worried it's going to hurt I can assure you it doesn't hurt at all.. Feels lovely. I actually fell asleep while the hubby did my back

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