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Vivian Gracie
Doesn't work the way you might think

The ad says "Stream from your phone to your TV. Just like that." Lots of articles tell you that the benefit of this over a fire stick is that you don't need an internet connection because you cast right from your phone. Sadly, these things are wrong, you need an internet connection at your house, so it's not like you can just cast from your phone with your unlimited data plan.

megan jerden
I live

The wireless display adapter is small as a piece of chocolate.It’s easy to set up, I just spend in10 minutes. The everytime I just need turn on tv and press 2 button with my phone, it will connect to tv with a clear picture, a good connector.

Kim J.
I unfortunately cannot say how well it works!

Unfortunately, I cannot use it with my Pixel phone! I want others to know this! Google phone's do not allow mirroring products to work on them. Buyer beware. Don't buy any mirroring products if you have Google Pixel phone. It's sad. I actually went out and bought another product before I read reviews stating that these products are not compatible. It is sad and frustrating. I'll be getting a different phone soon. I guess Google wants you to rent and buy movies from them, very lame! Back in 2017 Google phones did mirror but they now disabled that ability!

It's compatible, it's smooth, it's worth buying.

The quality of this wireless transmitter is very good, transmission is very stable and smooth, and the compatibility is relatively good, suitable for all kinds of equipment, external light atmosphere, fine workmanship, easy to use and operate, you can realize the mobile phone and computer wireless frequency, using the transmitter can throw the screen with one key, really very good, for this shopping I am very satisfied.

Samantha Bimson
Easy to use

Really easy to set up. We have a basic screen (non smart TV) which was used only for playing PS4, now we can use it for so much more. Using a non data phone (with wifi) as a controller to play games from android device.

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