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very satisfied!

Super!!! It really works good! Well packaged, very satisfied

works perfectly

Works perfectly, great product, i'm very satisfied with my purchase

life changer

We purchased this in addition to the wireless pet fence and I wish we knew about it years ago!! This totally changed our lives and our dogs lives! This is worth EVERY penny!

incredible experience saved my dog

Collar saved my dog. A black bear came blasting into our yard while we were standing in the driveway, so I tried to call my dog into the house. As we ran to the door, the bear passed us and my dog ended up chasing it.
I couldn't call her back, she only wanted the bear. This collar is the only thing that stopped her at the perimeter from getting tangled with the 500 lb Maine black bear. I later got a picture of this bear on my game camera. Battery lasts a long time and you just need to turn the collar on beside the base so it connects. Read the directions, they make sense and test it before use. This changed everything that I didn't like about my dog and now we are both happy and playing in the yard that is her own. In the beginning she wouldn't come in the house when called so I lowered the perimeter and she came right inside once it beeped. Great training device and the neighbor is not showing up with my dog in his car anymore. After the bear thing, I had to write a review. Recently I took her to my parents beach and I was able to plug the base in down there and she could swim and play around it and it kept her from going up on the busy street by the house. I also took the dog and collar to a friends house who had the same thing. You have to reset the collar next to the base but then it's good to go and the dogs can play together on the same signal.

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